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is_my_lover's Journal

..is my lover<3
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Claim a Lover, real or fictional!
is my lover♥
Claim anyone, real or fictional, as your lover on LJ.

1. Join the community to claim/post.
2. Display your claim somewhere easily visible on your livejournal.
3. Only one person per claim. That means 3 people can't claim the character Domyoji Tsukasa just because there are 3 different renditions of him.
4. First come, first serve.
5. Make sure to check the claims list thoroughly before claiming.
6. Make your subject "Love, love, love is all you need." when claiming so I know you read the rules.
7. Check the tags and tag accordingly. If you need help, use the *needtag tag, and I'll do it for you.
8. Bring yo' friends >:D

Once you've read the rules, copy the following, fill in the appropriate spaces, and post your claim!